Executive and Management Coaching Process

You’ve built your career based on your expertise, but expertise alone is no longer sufficient. Today, your team relies on you to be the confident leader who can navigate through complexity with ease.

Take the necessary steps to unlock your full potential to inspire, influence and mobilize.

This process, supported by your company, is aimed to equip you to be more effective in your interventions and in your way of serving others.

Ideal for

Step 1: You have needs
  • To fully assume my posture as a leader
  • Be proactive in initiating courageous conversations
  • Choose my priorities and reclaim my time
  • To adapt to changes
  • Facilitate my communications with my team
  • Mobilize and motivate my team
  • Manage my increased responsibilities and management load
  • Navigate and position myself authentically in political dynamics
  • Foster a positive corporate culture
Step 2: let's evaluate your needs together, free of charge
  • Assess and analyze the coaching needs of your organization
  • Envision the coaching process adapted to your context
  • Validate the synergy and commitment with each coachee.s
Step 3: get ready to launch your process
  • Build your coaching process
  • Plan and organize the steps
  • Carry out preparatory work
Step 4: your customized coaching process
Your coaching process can include:
  • A kick-off meeting to set the objective and progress indicators
  • Tripartite meetings at the beginning and end of the process
  • Individual or group coaching meetings, if necessary
  • A mid-term and end-of-course review
  • Intersessional work and challenges
  • The use of psychometric tools: MBTI or AtmanCo
  • 360° leadership assessment with the Leadership Circle Profile™
* Number, duration and frequency of meetings adapted to your needs
  • Feedback on the impact of the process
  • Quarterly, then annual coaching meetings to continue your journey and ensure healthy and sustainable results over time

Does this approach meet your needs and would you like us to evaluate the next steps together?

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