” To life, step by step on the path of integration.”

My backstory

For as long as I can remember, bringing joy and laughter to those around me has been what drives me deeply. Today, my goal is to contribute to humanize our planet, one human at a time, and to transform collectives by collectives. Concretely, I tend to do it by contributing to humanize our organizations, by equipping our leaders to be more aware. I am convinced that the quality of being of a leader defines his quality of doing.

I have done this introspective work myself by choosing to undertake, years ago, a process of inner transformation. Isn’t it said that the greatest traveler is the one who travels around himself several times?

Everyone can engage, or not, in a personal journey of awareness. For me, the trigger came on September 30, 2017 on the road to Compostela. That day, I understood from the depths of my being that I could never again “do my life without me“, in other words, to no longer lose sight of myself.

I decided and chose to put myself first in my personal and professional life. I have developed a life discipline that allows me to be aligned and consistent with myself: my quality of being defines my quality of doing. My life discipline gives me this freedom to be. This awareness allows me today to be fully present to accompany you in your transformation process.

” I am perfectly imperfect. I am fully me.”

My values and life discipline

I have three core values that directly influence my daily actions and guide my life choices.

These values are at the heart of my coaching process and all my business relations. This knowledge of myself allows me to continually update my life discipline, according to my needs. For example, I have a morning routine that allows me to activate an optimal state of mind to start my day. This routine includes taking a “non-negotiable” walk, rain or shine.

Looking back, I consider the resulting benefits to be one of the most powerful forms of self-love!



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Certified Professional Coach


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